Want to become a body piercer?

Are you interested in becoming a body piercer? Aren’t sure of a way to get into the industry? Look no further!

The Body Piercing Academy is a renowned school of piercing helping aspiring piercers of all ages and experience to grab hold of their dream job with both hands. The course lasts two days and is filled from start to finish with information, taught in a simple yet extremely effective way. The first day offers a chance for our students to get to know each other, we never take on more than four students which allows the upmost attention divided in between our soon to be piercers. Once everyone is introduced to each other, you will straight away begin to learn about needle types, jewellery sizes and which clamps to use, also learning how to steralise all of the equipment properly. Then the fun begins, silicone body parts are used for our students to begin practicing piercing different parts of the ear, then nose, belly and nipple! Different piercings require different bars and needles which are all provided for your use and learning.

Once the first day is over and our students go back to their accommodation and have a rest feeling confident, the 2nd day comes around and they begin piercing real clients! We put out a post on @prophecytattoo.piercingstudio’s Instagram account a week prior to the day so ensure that the diary page is fully booked (and so it is) to ensure that our students get the best experience of piercing clients watched over by Hrisy, our teacher and piercer of over 17 years. This experience not only teaches our students how to pierce, but also how to speak and sell jewellery to clients.

Students bringing a model is also encouraged as it is helpful for a student to have a bit of practice piercing a model before the clients (that they do not know) start coming in.

Once the day is done and Hrisy is happy with how the students have been piercing, tests will be given out to each student to ensure that they are ready to go out into the world and start piercing clients wherever that may be.

If you are interested in our course, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 020 8551 9009 with any enquiries and questions that you may have.

All the best,
The team from The Body Piercing Academy.

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