Come Get a Friday 13th Tattoo With Us This Friday!

Our Friday 13th flash tattoos are ready for all those daring to get one! But what is the significance of Friday 13th? Is it ominous? Is the number 13 unlucky? We’ll talk about the myths, legends, and esoteric surrounding Friday 13th in this post.



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So where did Friday the 13th get its bad reputation from?

Well, there are more than a few reasons. Basically, Friday 13th coincided with a few horrors in history, the one that stands out the most is Jesus’ Last Supper which took place on good Friday – the apostles and Jesus making up 13 people at the table. Some notable people in the past died on this day, like this important composer called Giochino Rossini. The king of France arrested hundreds of the Knights of Templar on Friday 13th in 1307. Nothing we care about much these days but if tabloids were running 700 years ago they’d be having a field day!

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Is the Number 13 Unlucky?

The number 13 is seen as unlucky in Western culture due to its association with Death in the Tarot cards. But is death really such a bad thing? Not in the slightest. Following the properties of quantum physics and relativity, energy is never destroyed only converted so when something goes something new takes it place, or the old energy is converted to something else! We see this in nature with the seasons, flowers and trees. Death always comes with Rebirth – we shed old skin and wear the new, we change as a person due to a situation, the year ends and a new one begins. The symbolism behind death can be a very positive and powerful one.



The Number 13 is important in Occultism. 13 is associated with rebellion against authority, and for satanists in particular this number symbolises Satan’s rebellion against God.

13 is also a symbol for the spooky and esoteric “Jacob’s Ladder”. What? In the study of numerology man is assigned the number 6, the Divine is assigned the number 7, 6+7=13. What does this all mean? It means man trying to become divine by seeking divine perfection. Is this transgression against God? Or is an attempt to shed our human imperfections and getting to know our inner God? In this light the number 13 can be seen as a very empowering number.

In the end it all depends on your attitude and perspective in life. The number 13 could be your lucky number if you let it. So let go of the negative stigma and come get a smashing unique tattoo to celebrate your continuous rebirth 😉



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