Welcome to the world of professional body piercing

The body piercing academy will teach you how to do all of the above the waist piercings in the most professional and hygienic way possible.

We will do this with an intensive five day course. Covering everything from preparation to aftercare.

You will be taught by Hristina Kukenska. She is a professional piercer with over 12 years experience in the body piercing and body modification industry.

This course will not only give you knowledge you need to perform piercing correctly but also after course support in finding employment in this industry. We are a place that you can turn to for advice at anytime after you have completed your tuition.

The body piercing academy is located on the premises of Prophecy Tattoo Studio. Prophecy tattoo Studio is a busy well-established tattoo shop with a very good reputation. Learning how to body pierce in this environment will give you the experience of what it is like to work in this industry.

You will see for your self how Tattooing and piercings are done on a day to day basis in a professional manner, In a vibrant friendly studio. Prophecy is open until quite late most nights and as a student of the body piercing academy, you will be more than welcome to stick around and hang out with the guys at the studio.

For our students coming from overseas, you will be collected from the airport and taken to your hotel. You will then be picked up at the hotel brought to the studio, and returned at the end of the day. At the end of the course, you will be taken back to the airport. Your safety and wellbeing during the course is one of our highest priorities.

The body piercing academy also offers an advanced piercing course. This course is only offered to pierces already in the trade and want to refresh themselves on correct aftercare procedures and may want to learn piercings they may not already know.

At the end of the course, if you have satisfied your tutor that you have learned and understood all of the items from your 5-day course. You will be award a certificate showing that you have completed the course.

Complete starter kits will be available, comprising of all you need to get started in perusing a carrier in this exciting and alternative world.

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