Day 1 of 2 Day Intense Course

Day 1

  • Setting up
  • Client health and safety
  • Client situations (fainting, etc)
  • Hygiene (ultra-sonic cleaning, autoclaving, disposal, etc)
  • Discuss videos of piercings
  • Instruments (Needles, clamps, etc)
  • Piercing Silicone body parts
  • Jewelry sizes
  • Aftercare
When you arrive on day one, you will have a little “get to know each other” chat with Hrisy in the Academy classroom. This serves two purposes, it will calm any nerves that you may have and also give Hrisy a good idea of what you need to achieve from the course so she can adjust the class if needed.
After your chat, you will move straight into one of the most important parts of the class. How to deal with clients, this will include everything from clients fainting, excessive blood loss and how to explain the piercing procedure to your clients in a confident manner. You will have the correct aftercare procedure explained to you in a way that again you will then be able to pass on to your clients. You will be shown how to set up for a piercing procedure and how to the cleanup and dispose of sharps and blood waste.
Hrisy will then play several videos of piercings being done, you will discuss the content of these videos with Hrisy to learn what was being done correctly and what was being done incorrectly. Moving on to the instrument and tools of the trade, which you will have just seen being used, maybe for the first time in the videos. Hrisy will explain the names and locations of all the piercings above the waist.
You will be given several silicone body parts to practice piercing under the supervision of Hrisy. This will prove very useful because on day 2 you will be piercing real-life human beings.
Day one will end as it began, with a conversation. Hrisy will talk with you in depth about what you have learned and answer any questions you may have. We do not take on more than two students per class. This is to ensure that you, the student gets the right amount of attention. Ensuring that you when you graduate you do so with a feeling of confidence in what you have learned.