Day 2 of the 2 Day Intense course



  • A quick review of yesterday’s class
  • Setting up for live models
  • Piercing live models
  • Cleaning station
  • Sterilisation
  • Repeat procedure
  • Test
  • Graduation

The second day will begin with a quick recap of yesterdays class. Again Hrisy will be able to answer any questions you may have thought of. We will by this time have informed you on the importance of having live models to pierce. You will be responsible for providing these. However, we regularly put social media adds out offering half-price piercings. This works very well but can not be guaranteed. It is very important to get the practical experience of actually piercing the human body. There is no substitute for this.
So please make an effort to bring your own models if possible. We understand that this is not something that all students can do.
After spending the day piercing live models you will be given a written test to complete. This takes one hour and apart from being given your certificate of achievement will be the final part of the course.

Hrisy is more than happy for any of her students to contact her after the course has concluded, with questions, advice or even just a chat. She has helped several of her students gain employment in studios as pierces.